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Quality living.

With Australia’s aging population growing, the aged care industry is changing and becoming more competitive. As an aged care provider you should be prepared to meet the demands of not only your residents, but of their family’s expectations too. At Swift, we understand the importance of keeping your residents entertained and connected to their family and friends as well as creating a sense of community within your facility to enhance the lives of your residents. Guests are able to access what they need all through the use of a simple remote designed especially by Swift for the Aged Care sector.

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Applications for aged care.

Swift can provide you with the same premium content and entertainment as our 5 Star hospitality clients, but we also offer specific content and communication tools for the aged care sector. The Swift system provides curated content to help with a healthy lifestyle. Virtual travel, trivia, relaxation videos, chair based exercises, dementia specific content, music therapy, classic cinema and more!

Sending love from where ever you may be.

The My Family app.

Thanks to the My Family App from Swift, you can share a moment with your family member in care where ever you may go. Your image or video content will be instantly uploaded to the TV screen right in your loved ones room. The Swift system in your resident’s room becomes an automatically updated digital photo album. A unique link to the system ensures that images are instantly added, securely, to your loved ones personal family album.

Aged Care Applications

Learn about our specialized “My Family” and “My Community” Apps and how they help enhance the lives of your residents.

My Family

My Family is a unique application connecting residents with their family by creating a place where family members can send through personal messages and photos which can be delivered individually to their TV screens.

My Community

Swift brings your residents together by promoting activities taking place at your facility and near by areas. Residents can have personal messages from staff delivered individually to their TV screens and get notifications about events, like a morning tea taking place that day or photos from a recent birthday celebration.

Aged Care Specific Content

This channel delivers video based content including classic movies, trivia, Tai Chi exercise classes which have been proven to reduce falls in the elderly, virtual experiences, dementia specific content and relaxation content all specifically curated for the aged care sector.

Technical Support

Swift provides a variety of options for technical support to best support the needs of your business and residents.


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