Premium entertainment

Swift gives you early access to new-release movie content with fewer exclusivity restrictions than the general consumer market. As an out-of-home specialist, we can provide an entertainment experience that’s better than what you’d get at home.

We access real usage and viewing data that provides insights to guide the curation of an entertainment experience tailored specifcially for your community.

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On-demand or scheduled


Dive into our extensive movie library where you can find films both old and new. With Swift, you have the flexibility to watch movies on-demand or according to a scheduled lineup, allowing you to tailor your viewing experience to your lifestyle.


FTA and Branded TV Channels

Expand your viewing horizon with our Free-to-Air and pay TV channel options. Swift brings you news from outlets like BBC and Sky News, along with an array of Foxtel Channel packages to enrich your entertainment landscape.

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TV shows, Music and Performance

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Whether you’re a fan of drama, lifestyle or documentaries, Swift has you covered. Our TV offerings span multiple genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone. And it’s not just about TV; our platform also includes a rich selection of music and performance content.

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Cultural and Well-being

We understand that content is more than just a pastime, it’s a powerful medium for cultural enrichment and personal well-being. We’ve carefully curated a selection of cultural and well-being content that enlightens and uplifts.


Indigenous content

Swift honours the rich tapestry of Indigenous culture with a selection of movies and documentaries crafted by Indigenous talents or focusing on Indigenous stories and traditions. This is more than entertainment, it's a cultural exploration that aims to educate and celebrate the depth of Indigenous life and history.

mental health

Mental Health and Well-being

In an exclusive partnership with Beyond Blue, Swift is committed to raising awareness of mental health and well-being through specialised content. Our offerings are designed to help tackle issues like stress, anxiety and depression, providing viewers with valuable insights and coping mechanisms. This initiative is about improving lives and building healthier, happier communities.

Aged Care Specialist Content

For our Aged Care communities, Swift provides a variety of specialised content. This includes low sensory entertainment to create a calming environment, reduce anxiety and assist with dementia care.

Some of our specialist content also includes arts and crafts sessions. We believe engaging with arts and crafts can significantly improve the quality of life for aged care residents by unlocking their creativity and enhancing their motor skills. These offerings are not just about entertainment, they’re about enriching lives and encouraging active participation within the community, no matter the age or level of ability. 

Vintage Cinema

Swift’s Vintage Cinema offers a curated selection of films that have stood the test of time. In offering these ageless masterpieces, Swift helps to connect communities through shared experiences of cinematic magic.

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Swift Broadcast
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Swift Broadcast
Swift Broadcast


Tune into radio channels from around the globe, available in multiple languages, to stay connected with the world.

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