Case Study: HammondCare

Hammond care Miranda

HammondCare is an independent Christian charity specialising in dementia care, palliative care, rehabilitation, and older persons’ mental health services. They are recognised as one of Australia’s leading dementia-specific service providers.

HammondCare’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people in need, regardless of their circumstances.

The Challenge

  • HammondCare was looking to improve levels of engagement to create a greater sense of community for residents.
  • Provide their carers with tools to support the delivery of a high-quality service.
  • To ensure they achieved exceptional results from the new service review process introduced following the recommendations of the Aged care Standards report.

The Solution

  • Swift was introduced to HammondCare via one of their other service providers, Hubify.
  • Following a demonstration of Swift’s product portfolio, key decision makers, including individuals involved in the day-to-day care of their residents, agreed Swift would deliver value to their residents.
  • Swift’s easy-to-use engagement platform offered HammondCare the flexibility to tailor communications to the specific needs of its residents.
  • It was important for HammondCare to offer their residents a solution that could be tailored to their needs. Swift offered the flexibility to adapt the consumer experienced to address this requirement.

The Results

  • HammondCare contracted Swift to install their services across 14 of their Aged Care Facilities in Eastern Australia.
  • Swift’s solution provided an easy-to-use entertainment and communications platform tailored to the specific needs of HammondCare’s residents.
  • Swift’s solution improved levels of engagement and delivered a greater sense of community for residents.
  • Carers could access tools to support the delivery of a high-quality service.
  • HammondCare achieved exceptional results in the service review process.
  • HammondCare continues to roll out Swift to new wings as their villages expand.
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