Simplified Communications & Entertainment.

Swift Broadcast.

A flexible solution for low-bandwidth facilities.

Keep your facility connected, watch hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters and improve resident experience, without investing in additional in-room hardware and network upgrades.

What is Swift Broadcast?

Swift Broadcast is our simple, bandwidth-saving entertainment and communications solution specifically designed for closed loop accommodation facilities with limited network infrastructure. It gives residents access to a premium entertainment experience as well as important facility notices through their in-room TV.

Swift Broadcast uses an MATV network to broadcast scheduled entertainment and communications channels. This means there's no need for external hardware and installation is simple for most facilities.

A Premium Entertainment Experience, Without the Need for Streaming Level Bandwidth.

When implementing Swift Broadcast the team cleverly uses the existing MATV network to broadcast a range of new entertainment and communications channels to your residents TV. This means if you're an older facility or don't have the budget for large network upgrades to allow for wired or wireless internet in each room, you can still offer your residents a premium experience.

Combined with Swift's Internet and Data Management solutions, Swift Broadcast can help optimise and reduce your network usage, saving costs and improving the efficiency of your facility.

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World Class, Exclusive Entertainment.

At Swift, providing premium content is central to our mission to connect and engage communities. We know that having access to a range of entertainment options has the power to bring about a sense of togetherness, lift spirits and delight audiences. From new release films (not yet available on streaming services) to prime TV box sets and lifestyle shows, Swift has a content catalogue you won't find anywhere else.

But that's not the only benefit to our endless stream of entertainment options....

What You Can Expect.

Here is a selection of some of the scheduled channels your residents could have access to:

The Feature.

A new selection every day.

Family Movies.

For the kids and kids at heart.

Classic Movies.

Relive the golden years of cinema.

Action & Adventure.

For the thrill-seeker in all of us.

Comedy & Drama.

Whether you're in the mood for a laugh or a cry.

Swift Subtitles.

A dedicated channel of latest release popular movies with built in subtitles. Accessibility with the needs of your residents in mind.


For when a night in becomes a night out.


Get your blood pumping!


Destress and unwind.


Reality TV that enriches your day.

Food, Culture & Activities.

There's always room to learn something new.

TV Guide

All facilities are provided with printed in-room guides, or residents can simple flick to the dedicated channel.

Live Stream.

Swift Broadcast enables the configuration of a live stream channel. This can be used to broadcast activities in the facility and is especially valuable during periods of isolation for the facility or individual residents.

Share Your Own Content.

As well as premium entertainment, Swift Access also allows facilities to upload their own content. This can include site information for Mining & Resources camps or facility introductions and tours for Aged Care – the possibilities are endless!

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Streamlined Communications.

When you effectively communicate with your residents, you’re creating opportunity for a community to flourish. Residents who understand what’s going on in their facility, what activities they may be able to get involved with and where they can go to engage with their peers are empowered to make the best of their everyday experiences.

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Enriching Your Community.

Swift Broadcast enables you to distribute information to your residents via their TV through our easy-to-use content management system, Swift Manage. At the click of button, you can share information regarding menu’s, weather, health and safety information, facility notices and site-specific notices such as bus and flight schedules.

Facilities also have the ability to upload their own welcome material or educational content to the same platform for a unified facility experience.

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Distribute Updates Easily.

Swift Manage enables staff of all skill levels to easily distribute updates around the facility without the need for printing flyers or calling facility meetings. There are existing templates ready for staff to use or you can upload your own pdf’s and images in line with your company standards. Communications can be managed at a facility or company level, ensuring all residents are receiving the same notices and facilities are aligned on their messaging.

Once uploaded, these notices are immediately available on all residents' screens and important notices can be promoted to the news ticker to ensure they're seen by all.

Let’s Continue the Conversation.

Want to know how Swift Broadcast can benefit your facility? Contact our team for more information, they have everything you need to know about site specifications, content packages tailored to your residents, and installation.

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