Swift Access

Swift Access is not just another TV service; it’s a premium platform designed to be the heartbeat of your community. Imagine a TV experience unlike any other, where innovative technology meets unparalleled entertainment to nurture communities and enrich lives. Whether you’re in aged care or the mining sector, Swift Access offers you a custom solution tailored to the interests of your community.

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What is Swift Access

Swift Access is a next-level entertainment and engagement solution tailored to you. Built on proprietary low-bandwidth technology, the platform is highly customisable to deliver your company branding, corporate communications and essential information to engage your community. All messaging and communications can be managed centrally and or at site level.

So, what content can you expect? All content is specially curated to resonate with your community, offering everything from movies and TV shows across a wide range of genres to branded channels and multi-language radio stations. Watch what you want when you want, whether it’s premium on-demand content or branded broadcast channels that do the choosing for you.

Our innovative tools and features enable you to entertain and easily engage with your community. We’re continually evolving our products to ensure your community experiences a high-level quality of life.

While we pride ourselves on our innovative products, our customer-centric values are equally important. We don’t sign you up and leave you to figure it out. We work as a partnership to ensure you maximise your ROI – monitoring usage and analysing data to drive insights and recommendations on how you can get more value from Swift.


Want to discuss how Swift Access can improve your ROI?

Swift Swift access, your TVs are transformed into platforms for delivering innovative technology to improve outcomes across a range of metrics. Let us show you what is possible.

Curated for your Community

Swift Access is more than entertainment. We offer a tailored solution across entertainment and engagement that enables you to build an inclusive community.

What makes us unique

It’s our expertise in delivering a bespoke end-to-end solution that entertains, engages and enables the transformation of a facility into a community that sets us apart. We understand that different sectors, companies, and communities have different needs.. that can also change over time. That is why we offer tailored, flexible and scalable solutions, with ongoing client success management, so we can adapt and grow with you.

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