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A next generation solution for your residents.

Keep your facility connected, watch hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters on demand and empower residents the access content they want, when they want to.

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What is Swift Access?

Swift Access is an easy to use, low-bandwidth entertainment and communications solution specifically designed for closed loop accommodation facilities. It gives residents access to a premium entertainment experience as well as important facility notices and saves staff time thanks to our intuitive content management system.

Swift Access uses a set top box in a resident's room connected to a server in the comms room of your facility, this means there’s no need for smart TVs or robust hardware and installation is simple for most facilities.

Finally, a Reliable Casting Solution for Your Residents

Technology is constantly evolving and so are resident's expectations. This is especially true in high density accommodation facilities. Casting your favourite streaming apps on site or whilst residing in a facility is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it’s a must have.

The real challenge lies in how facilities give their residents access to a stable and secure casting experience whilst maintaining an optimised network and user privacy. That's where Swift comes in.

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How Does Swift Access With Casting Work?

Swift Access smart device management is the first solution of it's kind for the sectors we service in Australia and gives you the ability to easily set up casting devices, monitor them and manage streaming traffic within your facility on a commercial scale.

Simple and secure in-room pairing through our set top box also ensures resident's personal information is kept safe with no way for residents to stream to other rooms, making maintenance and troubleshooting a breeze.

Coupled with our 24/7 support, this results in a simple, no-fuss streaming experience that allows residents to watch their favourite movies and TV shows without constant buffering or irritating dropouts.

Simplified User Experience.

To use the Swift Access casting feature, a resident will simply connect to the facility wifi network, navigate to the 'Casting' tile on the Swift Access homepage, and follow the prompts. In just a few steps they'll have a world of entertainment options at their fingertips.

As soon as the resident leaves the room, or after a period of inactivity, they are disconnected from the casting session, taking all their personal information with them, maintaining security and privacy.

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World Class, Exclusive Entertainment.

At Swift, providing premium content is at the heart of what we do. We know that movies and TV have the power to engage, bring about a sense of togetherness, lift spirits and delight audiences and communities everywhere. From new release films (not yet available on streaming services) to prime TV box sets and lifestyle shows, Swift has a content catalogue you won't find anywhere else.

But that's not the only benefit to our endless stream of entertainment options....

What You Can Expect.

Here's some of the regularly-updated entertainment options available for your residents today:

Early Release Hollywood Blockbusters.

Released post cinema, pre airline.

Family Movies.

For the kids or kids at heart.

Classic Cinema.

Celebrating the golden years.

Action & Adventure.

For those who wind down by getting revved up.

Comedy & Drama.

Whatever you're in the mood for.


When a night in becomes a night out.


No gym? No worries! Exercises for the old and young.


Enrich your experience.


From beaches to the bush.

Food and culture.

For the master chef in all of us.


Learn to paint, knit and more!

Foreign content.

Create an inclusive environment for your diverse residents.


Get to know the rich traditions of the land we live on.

Subtitled Content.

Accessibility for all.

Foxtel Partners.

Swift Access also integrates with pay tv providers such as Foxtel. In fact, we are the largest Foxtel reseller in the country. Your residents can easily access your selected Foxtel channels through the home screen giving them a unified user experience.

Share Your Own Content.

As well as premium entertainment, Swift Access also allows facilities to upload their own content. This can include site inductions for Mining & Resources camps or facility introductions and tours for Aged Care – the possibilities are endless!

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Streamlined Communications.

When you effectively communicate with your residents, you’re creating opportunity for a community to flourish. Residents who understand what’s going on in their facility, what activities they may be able to get involved with and where they can go to engage with their peers are empowered to make the best of their everyday experiences.

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Enriching Your Community.

Swift Access enables you to distribute information to your residents via their TV through our easy-to-use content management system, Swift Manage. At the click of button, you can share information regarding menu’s, weather, health and safety information, facility notices and site-specific notices such as bus and flight schedules.

Facilities also have the ability to upload their own welcome material or educational content to the same platform for a unified facility experience.

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Distribute Updates Easily.

Swift Manage enables staff of all skill levels to easily distribute updates around the facility via a digital noticeboard without the need for printing flyers or calling facility meetings. There are existing templates ready for staff to use or you can upload your own pdf’s and images in line with your company standards. Communications can be managed at a facility or company level, ensuring all residents are receiving the same notices and facilities are aligned on their messaging.

Once uploaded, these notices are immediately available on all residents' screens and important notices can be promoted to the home screen to ensure they’re seen by all residents.

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Who is Swift Access for?

Swift Access is a robust, future-proof solution that provides your staff with time-saving technology and gives your residents access to an entertainment experience like no other.

Let’s Continue the Conversation.

Want to know if your facility has the infrastructure needed to support Swift Access? Contact our team for more information, they have everything you need to know about site specifications and can explain how our Network Solutions can help if your facility needs an upgrade.

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