Tell Touch x Swift Partnership

A new alliance between Swift and Tell Touch’s integrates the Tell Touch feedback management system with Swift Access-enabled televisions, allowing residents to complete quarterly surveys on their TV.

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The Challenge

  • Under the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program requires residents to complete the surveys every quarter.
  • Apps, Kiosks, and Websites can be difficult and unfamiliar to Aged Care residents.
  • Also ensuring that feedback collection is convenient, private, and effortless for residents.

The Solution

  • The solution involves a partnership between Tell Touch and Swift Networks, leveraging their respective technologies to address the challenges.
  • Tell Touch’s feedback management system, which collects feedback through various channels such as web, app, and kiosks, is integrated with Swift Access-enabled televisions.
  • Swift Access provides a TV-based entertainment and engagement platform, and the integration adds the resident’s TV remote as a new touchpoint for completing surveys and providing feedback.
  • The user experience is optimised for completion via remote control, without the need for TV keyboards.

The Results

  • The partnership aims to simplify compliance with Aged Care Quality Standard 6 and streamline the process of collecting and acting upon resident feedback.
  • By utilising the television as a familiar and convenient medium, residents can voice their concerns privately and effortlessly from their rooms, supported by their families.
  • This advancement enhances responsiveness and inclusivity in Aged Care, contributing to the overall quality of care for senior Australians in residential aged care settings.
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