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Mobile Plans, Data Services, Land Line Telecommunications, Entertainment, Community Digital Messaging and so much more!


Swift Networks Group Limited is a diversified telecommunications and digital entertainment business providing fully integrated solutions for the Hospitality, Lifestyle Villages, Aged Care and Resources sectors.

Our services include free-to-air television, pay television, telecommunications, internet, data, wireless networks and streaming video on demand with premium content from some of Hollywood’s largest studios. Our Digital Entertainment System is a fully integrated, complete system which incorporates all your entertainment and communication needs. From small motels or mining fly camps requiring a simple television solution right through to large hotels and permanent construction camps, Swift Networks can provide a world class solution.

An Integrated System

Our Digital Entertainment System comprises four main components; Entertainment, Communication, Information and Administration. These components have varying features which are all integral to the system and work in conjunction to provide our completely modular and scalable system. Clients can customise their system to have selected features from these components or a fully integrated Digital Entertainment System with all features.