Mining and Resources

Originally established to deliver a premium entertainment solution to remote mine Villages, Swift has continued to innovate and evolve. Through our collaboration with mining clients and the development of proprietary technology, we offer a high-quality, low-bandwidth solution ensuring everyone in the mining sector has access to premium entertainment and engagement services. No other company in Australia matches the scope of our in-house service, which ranges from research & development to network design, installation and customer support.

Reliable entertainment even in
low bandwidth

In remote mining villages where bandwidth is low or at a premium, our proprietary technology could save you time and money and deliver an enhanced entertainment experience within your mining village accommodation. Our managed data solution facilitates the delivery of a premium entertainment solution without the need for potentially expensive upgrades to your network infrastructure. When it comes to the village operations, our entertainment and engagement solution ensures reliable and stable communications by allocating your limited bandwidth to where it is required.

Our intelligent low-bandwidth solution manages bandwidth across internet use and uses configurable session limits in conjunction with Swift Secure Casting. Our on-site media servers cache the most popular content to reduce demand on bandwidth. Together our low bandwidth technology and smart allocation of casting sessions ensure your team always has access to premium entertainment, making Swift Access the perfect entertainment and engagement solution for mining village accommodation.

Stream with confidence using
Swift Secure Casting

Your data and privacy are non-negotiable for us. Swift’s Secure Casting lets you stream VoD subscription services like Kayo, Netflix, and Pay-per-view events, all while ensuring your information stays safe.

Users easily pair their device to their in-room TV using a unique QR code, so content is never cast to the wrong TV.

Case studies

In 2008, Swift was started to deliver entertainment solutions to remote mining villages in Australia. Strategic ICT solutions have been central to making it possible. That’s a lot of real-life experience for the benefit of our customers. See some recent examples.

Oil and Gas

Case Study: Oil & Gas off-shore innovation

Delivering accessible and reliable online entertainment and communications to offshore oil and gas environments for thousands of workers can be challenging, requiring strategic technical planning and, for this client a bespoke solution requiring new product development. Challenge Location limits entertainment options adding to challenges and the ability to attract and

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Roy Hill Case study

Case Study: Roy Hill MPV

Roy Hill’s Mine Premium Village (MPV) Village is a world-class mining operation in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Featured in Australian Mining Challenge Deliver an innovative, best-in-class premium entertainment and engagement solution at Roy Hill’s MPV Village, which has approx. 2,700 rooms while maintaining a reliable service within a low

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Case Study: Mineral Resources Limited

MinRes is a leading iron ore and lithium producer within the Australian Mining and Resources sector. MinRes was formed and listed on the ASX in 2006 and now employs over 5,000 people. Swift’s relationship started in 2020 and has grown to over 2,000 rooms and common areas across nine sites.

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Swift adds value beyond expectations

Swift isn’t just another entertainment service; we provide comprehensive entertainment and engagement solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the Mining and Oil and gas sector. Whether it’s consulting, ICT network design, installation or management, our in-house experts cover a spectrum of services for mining companies.

In-house experts

Our consultants, engineers & project managers work collaboratively to provide mining companies with a tailored entertainment and engagement solution. This partnership approach allows for long-term planning and avoids costly upgrades down the line.

Tech innovation

Our in-house R&D team understands the needs of Australian miners, and have worked to develop a low bandwidth solution for remote areas, integration with your PAGA alarms, bluetooth connectivity, and many more innovations developed in response to our customer's needs.

Customer service
24/7 Customer support

Our Australian-based customer support for mining sites is available round-the-clock. From technical to infrastructure support for TV and casting, our qualified technicians have got you covered.

ICT Network
Client success team

Our client success team adopts a partnership approach, focusing on the success of ensuring you are maximising your ROI on your subscription. From on-site training to data-driven recommendations, your success is our success. Your mine village will always feel connected with our entertainment and engagement solution.

ICT Network
Engagement platform

Our proprietary engagement platform is designed with flexibility in mind, especially for mining operations. It offers easy-to-use templates for TV, the capability to deliver on-site communications and even interrupt TV viewing for important mining alerts.

Premium entertainment

Swift brings all the premium entertainment options to you in one easy-to-use service. From early release movies and TV series to branded channels. Whether you like on-demand or broadcast TV, Swift offers a range of options to suit all interests.

Mining TV

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Swift's 3E's make us unique

It’s our expertise in delivering a bespoke end-to-end solution that entertains, engages and enables the transformation of a facility into a community that sets us apart. We understand that different sectors, companies, and communities have different needs.. that can also change over time. That is why we offer tailored, flexible and scalable solutions, with ongoing client success management, so we can adapt and grow with you.

Take a closer look at the Swift 3E’s.

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