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As an innovative partner to the Mining and Resources sector, Swift is uniquely positioned to provide premium network, entertainment and communications solutions to remote and challenging environments.

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Our Background, Your Benefit.

From the first entertainment system deployed in 2008 to today, Swift has focused on one simple purpose: to provide exceptional site experiences for workers in remote environments.  

The Swift services you see today are not only built with the Mining and Resources sector in mind but they are built using over a decade worth of data, technology and hands-on experience in the industry. 

We help capture the home-away-from-home experience by keeping workers entertained and providing a reliable link from the remote site to their family and friends at home, positively impacting employee morale.

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Clients We Work With.

Why Swift?

With Swift, you have the power to improve your workers’ experience, keep your site connected, offer the best in-room entertainment in the industry and help reduce employee churn and the costs associated with it.

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What We Do.

Network Solutions | Entertainment | Casting | Content | Communications

Network Solutions.

Connect your Site and its People.

Swift has over a decade of experience providing a diverse range of network solutions in harsh and challenging environments. No matter how remote your site is, the Swift team takes the worry out of connectivity and allows your internet to run seamlessly, whilst giving your team an essential link to their life back home. 

Find out more about our various solutions or contact our team to see how we can keep you connected.

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Entertainment Solutions.

Best-in-class Mining and Resources companies are taking things to the next level to improve the site experience, and when it comes to the end of a 12-hour shift many workers want to sit back and relax. After all, what beats lying down and watching a new Hollywood blockbuster or nostalgic throw-back movie? That’s where Swift's flagship products, Swift Access and Swift Broadcast come in.

Delivered Via Our Next Generation Products.

Swift Access.

Swift Access is Swift’s next generation product which allows the seamless distribution of commercial casting, premium entertainment, communications and other curated content on demand using a dedicated set top box.

  • Over 1,000 movies, TV shows, sport, lifestyle, music and mental health content on demand.
  • Content cached locally on site, giving you greater flexibility with data usage.
  • Commercial casting gives residents easy-access to their own streaming subscriptions allowing them to watch what they want, when they want. ​
  • Smart device management enables facility staff to set up, monitor and support devices with ease whilst maintaining user privacy.

Swift Broadcast.

Swift Broadcast allows facilities with limited network infrastructure to provide streamlined communications and extensive entertainment and sector-specific content over an MATV network. 

  • Uses existing MATV network to broadcast scheduled TV channels​
  • Choose from new release Hollywood blockbusters and over 1,000 movies, TV shows, sport, lifestyle, music and mental health content.
  • Quick and easy install, requires no additional hardware​ in existing rooms.​
  • Ideal for exploration, rail & road camps or older villages where investment in robust networks is not viable.

One-of-a-Kind Entertainment.

With flexible content packaging and a wide range of content available, Swift can tailor the perfect content selection for your site

New Release Movies

Latest release titles available early and updated monthly. The biggest blockbusters as well as independent releases, there's something for everyone in the Swift Content Library

Large Back Catalogue

We have an extensive back-catalogue of movie titles available with hundreds of blockbuster action and adventure titles available on-demand now

TV Boxsets

Full seasons of binge-worthy TV shows when you can't stop at just one

Lifestyle content

Dozens of episodes of lifestyle content covering travel, food, personalities, architecture, sports and adventure.

Enriching Minds & Opening Hearts.

Mental Health & Indigenous Education Content.

Swift has worked with industry heavyweights to bring greater value to clients through the provision of Mental Health and Indigenous lifestyle content because we believe, entertainment content isn’t the only viewing that has the potential to have a profound impact on your workers’ site experience.

As stigmas are broken down and conversations open up, providing your workers with the necessary resources and tools to educate themselves about Mental Health can not only impact individuals but also foster a culture of openness and understanding amongst workers.

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Curated for your Site.

Similarly, giving workers the opportunity to learn about Indigenous culture and the rich history and traditions of the land they work on can help promote respect for others with diverse backgrounds and ensure company values are upheld.

Learn how we curate content for your workers through our Swift Access and Swift Broadcast solutions.

Contact us today to see a demo of our content library in action.

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Communication Solutions.

If there’s one thing a site needs in order to function efficiently, it’s reliable communication. Every day there are countless notices, flight schedules, health and safety bulletins and other pieces of information that need to be shared with workers.
Both Swift Access and Swift Broadcast offer communications solutions alongside Swift's entertainment offering, or by itself.

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We’ll work with your team to design a bespoke solution that future-proofs your site and captivates your workers.

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