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Optimise your service so your facility and residents experience uninterrupted connectivity, always. 

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More Data, Less Worries.

Swift’s Internet and Data Management (IDM) solution helps to optimise the usage and delivery of your internet services. Intelligent data, bandwidth, and traffic management are just some of the tools we employ to help ensure you always have the connectivity required to support your facility.  

This means you can have the confidence that your facility has a stable foundation for facility operations and further cements your resident's confidence in your ability to provide them with a consistent connection with family, friends and the world around them.  

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Internet Data Management (IDM).

IDM enhances your resident and staff user experience, reduces latency and lag, optimises the network and costs associated whilst perfectly balancing the facilities traffic to your needs.  

The IDM solution is fully customisable, and we place strong emphasis on ensuring the system can grow and change as your facility does. We assist in monitoring usage patterns to help you continually optimise your services, so as your users’ needs and business needs change, your service can easily accommodate.  

Customising Your Solution.

Some of the optional features available when building your IDM solution include:

Uniquely Yours.

Every site has different needs and usage requirements that vary from morning through to evening. This is why we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead, we will work with you to understand your people, usage and requirements to design and implement a solution that fits the specific needs of your facility. 

The team at Swift continuously monitor and report on user and traffic management to better understand, and further optimise your service over time, ensuring complete transparency is always maintained.  

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