Case Study: Oil & Gas off-shore innovation

Oil and Gas

Delivering accessible and reliable online entertainment and communications to offshore oil and gas environments for thousands of workers can be challenging, requiring strategic technical planning and, for this client a bespoke solution requiring new product development.


  • Location limits entertainment options adding to challenges and the ability to attract and retain staff.
  • Isolation and working living away from home can be challenging on mental health and wellbeing – being able to connect with family and friends in downtime is key support structure.
  • Need to provide an entertainment and engagement solution that is reliable and minimises risks of interruption to communications between staff and their families and friends.
  • Public Address and General Alarms are crucial to ensure staff are aware of alarms and messaging as working offshore is a high-risk environment.
  • Location limits access to skills and equipment to fix problems not directly related to Oil and Gas operations


  • Swift Access with Secure Casting and Swift’s propriety low bandwidth technology.
  • Swift also developed some new bespoke features to create a solution that responded to the client’s challenges created by the offshore oil and gas environment.
  • Swift have built a bespoke instant failover system, which allows the Swift system full dual redundancy for its entertainment and engagement platform as well as casting functionality, meaning staff watching content will not experience any interruptions to their service.
  • Swift Access entertainment system integrates to the offshore Public Address and General Alarms (PAGA) to ensure staff are aware of alarms and messaging, the system automatically mutes the TV as soon as there is an alert from the PAGA system.


  • Swift have now delivered and continue to support ten major projects across six offshore vessels building on our considerable experience in oil and gas over 11 years.
  • Swift’s in-house Research and Development team has built a test environment within their Perth office to replicate challenges unique to different locations and ensure solutions are ready for deployment. Clients attend the final testing and sign off bespoke solutions.
  • Swifts Technical team have an in-depth knowledge of many offshore facilities ensuring experience solutions and support.
  • Swift Access has enabled the delivery of consistent messaging across multiple sites, such as Travel, Health and Safety and much more.
  • Swift has been able to reduce reliance on printed communications of timetables etc. Which helps from both a logistics and sustainability perspective

Read more about Swift’s offshore solutions in Brian Mangano’s interview with Business News:

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