Case Study: Mineral Resources Limited


MinRes is a leading iron ore and lithium producer within the Australian Mining and Resources sector. MinRes was formed and listed on the ASX in 2006 and now employs over 5,000 people. Swift’s relationship started in 2020 and has grown to over 2,000 rooms and common areas across nine sites.


  • How to continue to deliver on its values as an innovator via providing a best-in-class premium entertainment and engagement solution
  • across multiple sites, with varying infrastructure configurations and
  • low bandwidth presenting different technical challenges and service risk profiles.
  • Retain employer of choice status – attracting and retaining the best talent by offering a comprehensive package of benefits offering value beyond remuneration.


  • Swift Access with Secure Casting, supported by Swift’s propriety low bandwidth solution.
  • Swift’s in-house operations team was to design and install new infrastructure site-by-site, as and where required.
  • Additionally, Swift provided 24/7 local customer support, with a dedicated regional service team where issues can’t be fixed remotely
  • Swift’s Client Success team to provide on-going support, including training, and monthly service delivery reports.


  • MinRes teams across nine sites now have access to a vast selection of entertainment options from early-release movies, over 1400+ movies on-demand, secure casting, Pay and FTA channels, and more.
  • MinRes now have a consistent service offering across all nine sites without having to upgrade to achieve the data requirements of alternative services.
  • Upgrades to infrastructure have been proactively managed by identifying and implementing where they will deliver efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Swift’s Client Success team is in regular contact with various teams across Min Res sites providing training, inspiration on how to maximise the value of the engagement platform, and reviewing data, insights and recommendations provided in the Monthly service delivery reports.Full story regarding Swift’s $3.4M Min Res contract can be found here:
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