Aged Care

We are committed to building inclusive communities that offer residents choices, better access to internal and external communications, and entertainment options to enhance their overall quality of life.
Our products, Swift Access and Swift Broadcast, offer unique entertainment and engagement solutions, delivered through a very familiar device, the TV, and created specifically for Aged Care communities.
We collaborate with best-in-class partners to create more integrated technology ecosystems, enhanced customer experiences, and efficiencies that lead to improved profitability.

What Swift Access & Swift Broadcast Deliver

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A dynamic product that brings the world to the fingertips of residents. It’s the main interface through which users engage with a wealth of content, from entertainment to critical information. Whether it’s browsing the daily menu, an aged care exercise program or simply viewing a cherished family photo, Swift Access serves as a digital hub.

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A product built for those who want a more guided experience. This is where residents can access pre-curated content that’s tailored to their unique tastes and preferences. From virtual travel adventures to soothing arts and crafts sessions, Swift Broadcast brings the world to you.

Which product is right for you?
Aged care specific remote With easy-to-use large buttons and white in colour to assist the visually impaired. Standard TV remote
Aged care specific content Virtual travel, relaxation, chair-based exercises, low sensory, music therapy and more.
Notices Information for residents e.g. Today’s menu, group activities, day trips, changes to visiting hours.
Messages Send alerts directly to TVs overlaying the content e.g. a fire drill, or birthday celebration. Send to all, groups, or one TV
Live Streaming Set up Live Streaming of events from communal areas to TVs across your facility.
Subtitles Subtitled movies to make content more accessible.
Premium Entertainment Vintage cinema, over 1400 movies, TV series, and Live Music performances, and more. Also available On Demand
Channels Channels tailored for your residents to enjoy premium content without advertising.
Live TV Local Live TV Channels across both Free-to-Air and Pay TV Channels.
Radio English and foreign radio stations.
Secure Casting Stream your subscription services e.g. Netflix, Stan, Kayo, etc. directly to your TV.
My Family My Community App Share photos and videos uploaded by families and staff to TVs in your facility. Community channel only Direct to resident’s TV

Why choose Swift?

At Swift, we pride ourselves on providing more than just a product. We deliver a tailored solution as a service, delivering premium entertainment and engagement and supporting you throughout the customer lifecycle. As innovators, we consistently enhance the user experience, delivering superior outcomes for your community, staff and business.

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Choice and flexibility

We give you choice and flexibility via our two core products, Swift access and Swift broadcast and tiered subscription packages, with an engagement subscription and the option to add the premium entertainment package. Choose one or a hybrid solution. All leverage your TVs to build inclusive communities.

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Our engagement platform

Our fully customisable, easy-to-use engagement platform supports exceptional internal and external communications to support the development of highly engaged and inclusive communities.

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Partnerships & integrations

Our collaborations, such as the one with Checked in Care, are testaments to our commitment to enhancing customer experiences and fostering beneficial outcomes for both the community and businesses.

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Unique features & tools

Unique tools like the My Family My Community app connect families and communities. Additions like Live Streaming open doors to events residents might otherwise miss. And, our intuitive Swift remote is tailored for ease of use.

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Premium & specialist content

We curate content specifically for your community for a range of needs - entertainment, relaxation, developing an interest, exercise and overall well-being. We have an extensive selection of Movies, Branded TV Channels, World Radio, Lifestyle and Documentaries, Arts and Crafts, Aged care Exercise, Trivia and Low Sensory content.

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Client success & 24/7 helpdesk

Our journey doesn't end with a purchase. We work alongside you throughout our relationship to maximise your ROI. Your Client Success manager will arrange training and promotional assets, and provide insights on usage and recommendations. Our 24/7 Helpdesk will provide technical support when you need it.


Tools and features to enhance the customer experience

Swift stands at the intersection of innovative technology and heartfelt care. Our array of features and tools, whether developed in-house or in collaboration with partners, are tailored to foster inclusivity, accessibility, and seamless customer journeys.

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Live streaming

This feature beams events directly onto a resident's TV, ensuring they remain a part of moments, big or small, irrespective of physical constraints.

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My Family My Community App

Send photos and videos to a resident's in-room TV via our My Family My Community app. Staff can also use the app to share photos and videos of community events with residents, their family and friends.

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Swift remote control

An ergonomic marvel, the Swift remote control addresses hand dexterity issues commonly found in the elderly demographic.

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Partner integrations

We continue to look for partnerships that improve our products and services. Our planned integration with the Checked In care app will enhance viewing experiences by offering residents the option to view services on a larger screen.

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Ready to build an inclusive community and improve profitability?

We offer a variety of subscription packages to support different business models, such as the additional services model. Speak to one of our consultants to explore how we can align with your requirements.

Swift's 3E's make us unique

It’s our expertise in delivering a bespoke end-to-end solution that entertains, engages and enables the transformation of a facility into a community that sets us apart. We understand that different sectors, companies, and communities have different needs, that can also change over time. That is why we offer tailored, flexible and scalable solutions, with ongoing client success management, so we can adapt and grow with you.

Take a closer look at the Swift 3E’s.

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