Checked in Care x Swift Partnership

Swift Partnership

Checked In Care’s (CiC) award-winning self-service and communication platform equips staff, care recipients and families with 24/7 self-service and communication tools. A single app tailors the user interface to each end-user’s requirements – which means staff and residents’ relatives have different interfaces.

The Check in Care platform aims to enhance the customer experience, reduce the demands on staff’s time for administrative and compliance requirements, so they can focus on continuing to deliver quality care, and to improve profitability for Providers.

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The Challenge

  • CiC delivers services via the app and mobile platform, and while many stakeholders are comfortable interacting with these platforms, there are some users within an Aged Care community are more comfortable accessing via a more familiar device like a TV.
  • CiC had offered services delivered via the TV in the past but had decided to focus their R&D resources on the development of their award-winning app.
  • Although CiC had decided to shift its focus on the CiC app, they were still receiving customer requests to deliver select experiences via the TV.
  • CiC also believed that the consumption of select services via the TV platform and the CiC app would enhance the overall customer experience.

The Solution

  • CiC identified Swift as a company offering a commentary services, while both being focused on enhancing the customer experience.
  • Swift’s focus and commitment to delivering innovative technology via a familiar device, the TV platform, further supported the potential for a longer-term partnership.
  • Create a single integrated ecosystem to deliver more efficient operations and a seamless enhanced customer experience for all stakeholders.

The Results

  • CiC and Swift agreed to enter a partnership to explore opportunities to integrate the two platforms based on what content and experiences aged care residents would prefer to consume via the TV, app or both.
  • The partnership principles also included a commitment to identify ways to better support providers in delivering facility wide communications and assist care staff and families in creating more inclusive communities through a single connected ecosystem.
  • Greenwich Place (this is still TBC), a new exclusive boutique aged care residence due to open in Sydney’s prestigious Lower North Shore in December 2023 has come on board as the first customer under the partnership.
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