Swift Apps.

Swift Connect and Swift Entertainment were developed to extend the in-room experience to mobile. Now your residents can engage with your facility notices, manage their experience and enjoy Swift's robust entertainment library, all from their chosen device.

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Swift Apps are

Built In-House.

Available on Android and IOS.

Designed for a Premium User Experience.

Swift Connect.

Swift Connect takes the information and communication elements of the Swift platform and translates them for mobile and tablet devices. Swift Connect integrates with our flagship TV-based communications solutions, meaning there is no need to create separate notices for TV and mobile, streamlining communications.

Swift Connect features:

  • One central content management system (Swift Manage) making updates easy to distribute via TV and mobile
  • Real time digitised notices to keep residents informed about what’s on, the weather, bus and flight schedules, health and safety information, and more
  • Sign in/profile management, including social sign in
  • Guest requests including maintenance and concierge
  • Push notifications so your residents never miss an update
  • Smart onboarding which allows you to show notices that are most important, first
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Swift Entertainment.

The Swift Entertainment App utilises the entertainment component of our Swift Access solution, allowing your residents to enjoy on-demand content on their mobile device. The app is powered by a server which is installed in the comms room, allowing any resident connected to the wi-fi network to access the facility's full suite of on-demand content options. The Swift server stores all the content locally on site, instead of streaming from the internet, saving data and bandwidth.

Swift Entertainment features:

  • Low-bandwidth solution that provides new release and curated content, lowering bandwidth needs and the costs associated
  • Regularly updated extensive entertainment content library with a wide range of curated new release entertainment, wellbeing and lifestyle content packages for you to mix to suit your residents, all available on demand
  • Swift content is cached locally on site, reducing load on the network
  • No sign in process required, if your residents are connected to the right network/SSID, the app will work!
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