Government solutions that span early-stage design and development, through to entertainment and communications, designed for changing environments.

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Flexible, Reliable Solutions.

Swift’s refined products and services are flexible enough to suit any closed loop environment. From Centres for National Resilience (Quarantine Facilities) to overseas Department of Defence contracts, the flexibility of Swifts product suite has certainly been utilised in the government sector.

We’ve set the benchmark by creating reliable and scalable network, communications and entertainment solutions for government facilities based on years of industry experience across various high-density accommodation environments, including remote Mining villages and expansive Aged Care and Retirement Living facilities.

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Building Howard Springs.

One of the most poignant challenges facing the Government sector is the design and development of mass quarantine facilities. The facility at Howard Springs in the Northern Territory has been regarded as the safest and most functional design for quarantine in Australia and is being used as the model for other Centres for National Resilience.

Swift has assisted the NT government in designing and planning the operation of the Centre since the beginning, here are the key lessons we've applied to planning of subsequent facilities.

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Two Solutions, One Platform.

Swift’s hallmark products, Swift Broadcast and Swift Access, both present unique benefits for high-density Government accommodation facilities. Both solutions can be easily run by facility staff via Swift Manage, a simple cloud-based content management system that streamlines communication and the provision of entertainment for residents, and can be accessed from any device.

To find out which solution is best for your facility, find out more below.

Our Next Generation Products.

Swift Access.

Swift Access is Swift’s next generation product which allows the seamless distribution of commercial casting, premium entertainment, communications and other curated content on demand using a dedicated set top box.

  • Over 1,000 movies, TV shows, sport, lifestyle, music and mental health content on demand.
  • Content cached locally on site, giving you greater flexibility with data usage.
  • Commercial casting gives residents easy-access to their own streaming subscriptions allowing them to watch what they want, when they want. ​
  • Smart device management enables facility staff to set up, monitor and support devices with ease whilst maintaining user privacy.

Swift Broadcast.

Swift Broadcast allows facilities with limited network infrastructure to provide streamlined communications and extensive entertainment and sector-specific content over an MATV network. 

  • Uses existing MATV network to broadcast scheduled TV channels​
  • Choose from new release Hollywood blockbusters and over 1,000 movies, TV shows, sport, lifestyle, music and mental health content.
  • Quick and easy install, requires no additional hardware​ in existing rooms.​
  • Ideal for temporary or remote facilities where investment in robust networks is not viable.

Your Partner in Innovation.

We understand that no matter what the solution, Government projects need a skilled, reliable partner they can trust. Our experienced Leadership team, in-house Research and Development team, Engineering team, dedicated Project Managers and Account Managers all work together to ensure each system is optimised to its fullest potential.

So, Why Swift?

Swift places particular focus on on-going support and management of our solutions. Our 24/7 help desk and remote support technicians are on-hand to ensure you’re able to:

  • Provide an uninterrupted internet, entertainment and communications solution that translates to positive resident experiences for the diverse residents of the facility
  • Quickly install a flexible solution that requires minimal hardware (if any), whilst offering superior entertainment and streaming capabilities to all residents
  • Undertake a collaborative approach to the creation of a bespoke solution that will satisfy and exceed the needs of the facility now and into the future
  • Receive a flexible, cost-effective commercial model that only charges for entertainment based on the number of rooms in use

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