About Us

About Us.

At Swift, we partner with our clients to create bespoke solutions that last.

Our in-house developers, engineers, project managers, support team and account managers all work together to ensure your services are optimised, stable, and provide a superior experience for your residents.

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Our Story.

Established in 2008 by Rob Sofoulis, Swift burst on to the scene as an innovator in network solutions, entertainment and communication systems. Staying true to our roots, Swift continues to break ground on new technologies and develop innovative ways of connecting and engaging communities.

Operating in the key sectors of Mining & Resources, Aged Care, Retirement Living and Government, our focus is to enable our clients to give their residents extraordinary accommodation experiences.

Swift is ASX listed under the ticker AXS:SW1. See our latest ASX releases.

We connect and engage communities through network, entertainment, and communications solutions.

97% Retention Rate.

60,000+ Screens Nationally.

360+ Sites.

Whatever You Need, We Do.

We provide true end-to-end solutions thanks to our talented inhouse team.

To find out how we could optimise your next project...

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Next-Generation Products.

Swift Access.

Swift Access is Swift’s next generation product which allows the seamless distribution of commercial casting, premium entertainment, communications and other curated content on demand using a dedicated set top box.

  • Over 1,000 movies, TV shows, sport, lifestyle, music and mental health content on demand.
  • Content cached locally on site, giving you greater flexibility with data usage.
  • Commercial casting gives residents easy-access to their own streaming subscriptions allowing them to watch what they want, when they want. ​
  • Smart device management enables facility staff to set up, monitor and support devices with ease whilst maintaining user privacy.

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Swift Broadcast.

Swift Broadcast allows facilities with limited network infrastructure to provide streamlined communications and extensive entertainment and sector-specific content over an MATV network. 

  • Uses existing MATV network to broadcast scheduled TV channels​
  • Choose from new release Hollywood blockbusters and over 1,000 movies, TV shows, sport, lifestyle, music and mental health content.
  • Quick and easy install, requires no additional hardware​ in existing rooms.​
  • Ideal for older facilities or remote locations where investment in robust networks is not viable.

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Our Engineering, Your Brand.

The personal touch goes a long way and at Swift, we understand that your network, entertainment and communication systems are all about your facility and its residents. That's why Swift systems are fully customisable and branded for you. From our premium content packages, tailored to your industry, to the logo you see on the TV screen, we help ensure a unified experience for you residents from start to finish.

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Let's Continue the Conversation.

What to know if Swift is right for your facility? Contact our team to talk about our range network, entertainment, and communications solutions.

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