Connecting easily with family and friends

Keeping residents entertained, informed and connected is important for creating a sense of community among lifestyle and retirement villages. It ensures their happiness, wellbeing and safety. Swift Networks understands your unique requirements and has tailored a solution to add value and meet your needs.

Our Digital Entertainment System is a cost-effective solution which has been developed to meet the needs of you and your residents. Using a simple up and down functionality, residents can access entertainment and telecommunications technology with the touch of a button. We offer a large collection of premium on demand movies from some of Hollywood’s largest studios, pay and free to air television, games and music. Swift also provides highly secure, fast, reliable WiFi and internet connection, which is especially relevant for retirement villages to keep your residents connected with family and friends.

Staff are able to communicate to all residents through information channels, bulletins, alerts and messages. We offer village community TV channels which focus on lifestyle, health and wellbeing, and our system also integrates with a number of leading health applications and subscriptions to keep your residents safe and well. You can further enhance village engagement and revenue by utilizing Swift’s promotional tools to help you advertise social events and tour bookings.


Keep your residents entertained with the latest movies, Pay TV, curated content and more.

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Swift Living

Swift offers home phone, mobile and broadband options designed for the lifestyle village sector

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Learn about our specialized “My Family” and “My Community” Apps and how they help enhance the lives of your residents.

My Family

My Family is a unique application connecting residents with their family by creating a place where family members can send through personal messages and photos which can be delivered individually to their TV screens.

My Community

Swift brings your residents together by promoting activities taking place at your facility and near by areas. Residents can have personal messages from staff delivered individually to their TV screens and get notifications about events, like a morning tea taking place that day or photos from a recent birthday celebration.

Aged Care Specific Content

This channel delivers video based content including classic movies, trivia, Tai Chi exercise classes which have been proven to reduce falls in the elderly, virtual experiences, dementia specific content and relaxation contentall specifically curated for the aged care sector.

Remote Assistance

Swift provides a variety of options for remote assistance to best support the needs of your business and residents. Speak to us to choose the best support for your operation.