Network Coverage

Network Coverage Vodafone

Swift Networks Small Mobile Plan use the Vodafone 3G Network. For coverage information please use the map below.


Mobile device coverage depends on where you are, the device you are using and whether it has an external antenna attached.
Customers should be aware that the mobile coverage maps produced have been created using tools that predict the likely areas of coverage. Not every particular location within the identified coverage areas has been individually tested for coverage and the mobile network provider does not guarantee the accuracy of the coverage map. There will be specific areas described as being within a coverage area where a customer’s device will not work. This is a common characteristic of wireless systems. For example, coverage could be degraded or not existent in specific locations due to certain physical structures or geographic features or as a result of the device used. Physical structures which may block or inhibit coverage could include basements, lifts, underground car parks, concrete buildings, tunnels and road cuttings. Geographic features which may block or inhibit coverage could include formations such as hills and mountains or even trees.

[This coverage map shows the extent of the network generally at the time of publication. It attempts to show the planned coverage expansion of the mobile network coverage based on the targeted rollout schedule at the time of publication. As it may be necessary to change or modify the rollout schedule, the mobile network provider reserves the right to do this without notice]
Data speeds experienced on mobile networks may be affected by network availability or network management measures, the type and configuration of customer equipment including device capabilities, the performance of external networks (for example the Internet), the download source/upload destination, the signal strength of the device used, and other factors such as the type of application.

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